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25th Annual NAPABA Convention Scholarship

The National Asian Pacific American Bar Association is hosting its 25th annual convention in Kansas City, Missouri on November 7th to 10th. The NAPABA committee strives to keep the convention affordable to all of its members in order to ensure all members are able to attend and gain legal education at its conferences.

From this, NAPABA maintains a scholarship fund to help defray the costs for attendees with a full or partial registration waiver and travel and lodging stipends. The scholarship is available for members of NAPABA either directly or affiliated.

To become a member of NAPABA, please visit their website. To check your membership status, contact NAPABA at (202) 775-9555.

All decisions for the scholarship are made final by the committee, and will not be appealed. Group applications are not accepted and the scholarship is not transferable. In addition, all monetary stipends are distributed through reimbursements.

Application for the NAPABA 25th Annual Convention is due August 30th. To apply for the scholarship, please register online.

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