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jessy lall senior recruiter
Senior Legal Recruiter

Hon. Jessy Lall

Judge Lall

Judge Lall is a Senior Legal Recruiter with The RMN Agency, as well as a Georgia mediator and judge. She shares more than two decades of legal insights and experience with the Georgia judiciary and as an Atlanta litigator. She is enthusiastic about mentoring and guiding attorneys in their career and professional goals.

In 2019, Judge Lall joined The RMN Agency after 17 years of trying hundreds of civil and criminal bench trials annually as a judge for Georgia’s Fulton County Magistrate Court. She is the first South Asian woman appointed to serve on the Georgia judiciary.

I approached The RMN Agency intending to return to civil litigation in 2019. But I went from being a client to being a member of The RMN Agency’s legal recruiting team. The person most surprised about this development was me.

Judge Lall shares that The RMN Agency only recruits in the legal field, has an expansive network of relationships with law firms and corporate employers — and is rooted in the Atlanta legal community. She believes the heart of The RMN Agency is its collaborative, team approach.

When placing a candidate, we all contribute. We discuss. We share. We strategize. We synchronize our perspectives and legal networks. It’s like a think tank for placing legal talent in the Atlanta market.

If you’re an attorney in Atlanta or interested in a law career in Atlanta, she says that The RMN Agency’s resourcefulness and knowledge of the Atlanta legal market can help you explore more opportunities in law.



Born in India and raised in Singapore, Judge Lall grew up with a love for the theatre and drama. She first traveled to the United States to attend Wright State University, where she earned her Bachelor of Science degree and her Master of Business Administration degree. She earned her law degree from Georgia State University College of Law and remained in Georgia. As a magistrate, she was on the Board and faculty with the Georgia’s Council of Magistrate Court Judges. She is currently the first South Asian President of the North Fulton Bar Association. She is also active in many legal associations in Georgia including GAPABA and SABA.

A movie-buff (especially for mysteries and science fiction), she met her husband, Sanjay, while she was in college in Dayton Ohio. Judge Lall’s son is a patent attorney in NY while her daughter is a doctoral candidate with a degree in physical therapy.


Judge Lall’s Career Advice for Lawyers


Judge Lall encourages early-year attorneys to specialize, noting that the legal market continues to segment into niche focus areas. Some generalists in law find navigating the legal market challenging. She also says that where you practice today may not propel you to where you want to go tomorrow. “Embrace new opportunities throughout your law career and when you pursue new opportunities avoid making yourself out to be more than you are: Honesty matters.”

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