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A Surprising Law School Graduation

Graduating law school is always a happy time for everyone. Families come into town for the ceremony, hardworking students are excited to finally begin their careers in law, and professors are proud to see their students move up in life.

During the 2014 University of Detroit graduation ceremony, Nicholas Siewert decided to make his graduation memorable for everyone in the audience. Nicholas approached the staged with his girlfriend, Abril Valdes, who was assisting him in his “hooding”, a tradition at the university. Before they could place his hood on, he swiftly turns around, drops to one knee, and proposes to his girlfriend.

The crowd cheered them on as they watched Abril say “yes”. You can find the video here:

What a beautiful way to begin both of their lives together as lawyers and as a married couple.

Do you have any memorable graduation moments? Share them with us!

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