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Alternative Careers: Becoming a Legal Recruiter

Being a legal recruiter is very similar in comparison to being an attorney. Both careers have a strong connection with their clients and attorneys within their circle. They also base their careers on their book of business to help them grow. If you are thinking of making a career change or if you are a recent graduate who is still finding their way, becoming a legal recruiter could be an excellent option for you.

Do you like the entrepreneurial and business portion of being an attorney? Being a legal recruiter is a good opportunity to utilize these skills. Many attorneys prefer the business side of a legal career compared to the court–oriented side. As a legal recruiter, your performance leads to deals; the better you perform, the more clients you gain and the more deals you close. Furthermore, having a solid book of business already established will help you transition from being an attorney to a legal recruiter. If you prefer the business aspect of being an attorney, then you will probably enjoy the ever–growing business aspect of a legal recruiting firm.

Working at a legal recruiting firm can also give you more flexibility in your career. Being an attorney can lead to long hours and weekends at the office to get the projects done. If you prefer to have more control over your work schedule, then being a legal recruiter can be a better option. This is especially true if you plan on starting a family, plan on going on maternity leave, or have family issues that will require a more flexible schedule.

Some attorneys prefer to work in a more social and team-oriented setting. Being a legal recruiter is a great option to satisfy this portion of your legal career. Recruiting firms are known for being very friendly, social, and open for constructive learning in the workplace. Working together as a team is a key part of a legal recruiting office, and information is shared openly. In addition, recruiters work together to gain deals and split the compensation. If you are known for being a team player and social person, working at a legal recruiting firm could be an excellent option for your career.  

Finally, many attorneys turn to becoming a legal recruiter because of the “fulfilling” feeling and a chance to help others grow in their careers. Being a recruiter, you work directly with a number of attorneys in many stages of their careers who may not know where they should go or begin. In addition, they help law firms find the needed talent for unfilled positions. In the end, helping candidates find their dream firm and finding skilled candidates is a very rewarding career path.
Although being a legal recruiter appears to be “easier” than being an attorney, the job does require a number of skills, both socially and clerically. If you plan on working hard and consider yourself a “people person” then becoming a legal recruiter may be a good alternative career path for you to take as a lawyer. For more information about being a legal recruiter or open legal positions, feel free to contact the RMN Agency Team.

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