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Apps for Tech Savvy Attorneys: Part 1

Technology has become a large part of our everyday lives. Statistics say about 2.08 billion people worldwide own a smartphone, and they predict this number to grow to 2.6 billion people by the year 2019. Without a doubt, technology is becoming an integral part of our daily lives, as well as our work lives. Here are a couple popular apps and software programs that attorneys are using to make their work lives easier and more efficient:

Keeping things in the clouds

A great app/website to add to your everyday technology is Dropbox. Dropbox is a cloud storage system. It allows you to upload documents, images, videos and files to the software, that way you can access them wherever you are. This can be from your phone, tablet, or other computer. All of your files are automatically synced together. In addition, you can share and collaborate your items with others. Most importantly, is that your items are always securely backed up just in case there is a computer crash.

Editing purposes

Once you have your documents saved in Dropbox, Goodreader is another useful app for your documents. Goodreader is mostly a PDF editing program. It allows users to edit, annotate and sign PDFs saved to your Dropbox. It can even be done on your iPad or smartphone. Gone of are the days of carrying around tons of papers. Finding a way to get all of your needed documents onto a tablet or phone is the easiest way to stay organized, and a lighter briefcase. In addition, users can listen to audio clips and watch videos.

Away from the office?

Did you know you can access your desktop remotely now? With Logmein, you are able to remotely sign into your desktop computer from any digital device. This is perfect if you are on the go and forgot to do something in the office. Another plus is that it can by synced with your Dropbox, Google Docs and much more, making being on the go much easier for a traveling attorney.

Patent help

For the tech savvy intellectual property attorney, there is Google Patents for you to use. Google created a search engine to help people find patents without combing the entire web. Simply typing in basic keywords can pull up the relevant patents and patent applications you may need for a case. The patent information includes Canadian (CIPO), US (USPTO), European (EPO), German (DPMA), and Chinese (SIPO) patent databases.

As an added bonus app…

Many attorneys are turning to Snapchat to pass the time. Being stuck in a court for hours waiting can be extremely boring. However, a number of attorneys like to document the funny parts of waiting in for your case to be called. Also, the funny face filters help to lighten the mood, relieve stress, and bring out the inner child in us all. Just make sure you keep the camera pointed toward your face or toward your lunch and not anything else.

These are just a few of the most popular apps and software programs that attorneys are using on a daily basis. There are many more, and will be included in a part two blog. Overall, finding what adds the most benefits and works best for you and your work experience is the main benefit of adding technology into the workplace.

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