Your Perfect Partner for Legal Recruiting


Atlanta’s BEST LEGAL RECRUITING FIRM for the 3rd Year in a Row!

The RMN Agency is proud to announce that we have won Atlanta’s best legal recruiting firm for the third year in a row!

We at The RMN Agency strive to your Perfect Partner for Legal Recruiting through our expertise and network. Working with a legal recruiter with strong judgment, knowledge, and a wide network only enhances your legal career search. We work hard to find you the right fit for your career goals through our contacts and understanding of the market and you should be able to use this to your advantage.

This is a great time to work with a recruiter: as the associate pay scale has climbed up high in other markets these past few weeks, associates in Atlanta may still have more money in their pockets at the end of the day. While the average 2016 law school graduate working as an associate in Atlanta earns $50,000 less a year than a young attorney at a large law firm in New York, with a median reported salary of $130,000, it takes just $77,855 to equal the same buying power of the attorney based in the Big Apple, NALP said. There has been a high demand for associates, increasing the likelihood of finding a position at a large firm. Many of these firms are looking for junior and midlevel associates with between two and six years of experience — although some are hiring senior associates as well — in “all” different practice areas, litigation and corporate.

Thank you to all our Clients and Candidates! We hope to continue to make you proud!

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