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Bringing in the Business

Whether you are a new attorney or have been in the career for some time, gaining more business is always welcome. However, drumming up more business can be challenging, especially if you feel as if you have reached a plateau. In addition, women are less likely to  have as much business as men, and furthermore, become known as “rainmakers”. If you are looking to add more business to your book, use these tips to get the ball rolling:

Bringing in More Business

Be kind to everyone. One of the best ways to gain more business is through word-of-mouth. This can be from your friends, neighbors, or the paralegal in the office. Getting to know people and being a nice individual will make people remember you, and will mention your name when they hear someone is seeking legal advice.

Keep up with clients that got away. Sometimes things don’t work out for the best. The best thing you can do is to not take rejection to heart. Call the client who left you, and ask for the reason why. You may gain some insight that can help you in the future.

Don’t take up hobbies you don’t like. Some attorneys think taking up sport & hobbies like golf and hunting is necessary in order to gain more business. These hobbies are a great way to make new friends and bond, but unless you have a passion for these things, it will become extremely unenjoyable. You won’t have a good time, and you may come off negative around your potential clients. Doing a hobby you enjoy will make you happier, and attract more people to you with more similar interests.

It’s good to be nice, but not too nice. Sometimes, being too nice in the office can have its downside. These overtly nice attorneys are sometimes overlooked when it comes to compensation, client credit, and promotions. Don’t let other people in the office take away assignments from you, and always speak up for yourself if you feel like you would be a good fit for a client or assignment.

Get tech-savvy. Most consumers today gain information through the internet, especially when it comes to finding a good, well-trained lawyer to help them with legal matters. In this case, making sure your LinkedIn profile is up to date can help you bring in more clients. Potential clients can see a summarized version of your career, as well as colleagues you know. LinkedIn can be a great tool to get your name out there, and market yourself and achievements.

Implementing various techniques to gain business can become time consuming. If you take it slow, new clients will slowly start to come your way. Don’t get discouraged if there is not a large influx of business. Growing into a trusted, professional attorney with a large book of business takes time and patience.

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