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Cat Videos Make You Productive

Being productive at work can be a challenge, especially as an attorney. There are some days when you feel motivated to finish a project; other days, you feel as if you have accomplished nothing. However, a recent study at Indiana University Bloomington found that watching cat videos can boost your overall productivity at work.

Watching popular cat videos on Youtube is entertaining, and these cats have also gained a large following. Cat stars like Grumpy CatLil Bub, and Princess Monster Truck are just a few names of popular internet felines. Since 2014, there have been roughly 2 million cat videos posted to YouTube, totaling 26 billion views. This category has more views-per-video than any other category on the website.  This study was able to find that viewers had a boost in energy and positive emotions after watching videos of cats.

Assistant professor, Jessica Gall Myrick, surveyed 7,000 participants, and asked how watching cat videos affected their mood.  The results concluded that participants felt as if they had more a energetic and positive outlook. They reported having fewer negative emotions, including anxiety, annoyance, and sadness. In addition, the pleasure from watching the video outweighed feelings of guilt & procrastination. From these results, they believe workplaces may look into and be able to incorporate a low-cost pet therapy for employees at big companies.

Overall, watching a cat video or two affects you largely in a positive manner. Creating a positive environment in the workplace is always an enhancement when it comes to work production. As an attorney, it can be hard to find moments of positivity when stress levels are high. If you are feeling down, negative or having a bad day, simply watching a video of a cat can help to boost your mood, and get you back to work feeling happier. The funnier  the video, the better effect it has on your mood.

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