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Cupcake Law: Protecting Entrepreneurs

Twelve year old Chloe Stirling of Troy, Illinois had her cupcake business shut down by the Madison County health officials for not meeting health standards.

Thanks to Chloe, Bill HB5354, also known as the “Cupcake Law”, was signed into law last month. This new law allows small entrepreneurs to sell home-baked goods if they have a monthly gross sale of less than $1000 per month, no potentially hazardous foods, and if it is clearly marked as a home-baked good.

This young girl went to Springfield, Illinois twice, testified to the House, and also testified to the Senate, according to Chloe’s mother. She also brought her cupcakes with her!

Since her legal adventure, Chloe has become the face of Governor Pat Quinn’s state tourism promotion since he is a big advocate for the restaurant businesses in Illinois, which contributes to 9% of the state’s employment.

Thanks to Chloe Stirling, there may be more young entrepreneurs who will start their own baking or food related businesses, and hopefully continue to grow throughout their years.

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