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Cyber Security: Keeping Your Firm Safe

Cybersecurity has become a major concern for both people and businesses alike. Taking initiative and managing the security of your personal and professional life is the first step to avoid having private information stolen.


One of the biggest weaknesses when it comes to protecting yourself against a cyber attack is your phone. This includes both your personal and corporate work phone security. Recently, the famous app, Pokemon Go came under fire for a breach in security. Many people in different regions of the world downloaded the app form an unauthorized marketplace, which then exposed their phones to cyber attacks.

Wearable Devices

In addition, wearable devices, such as fitness trackers and smartwatches, are able to be hacked as well due to a digital algorithm in the devices. Although it has been shown that Android devices are the easiest for hackers to attack, security researchers are anticipating an attack on Apple iOS devices. Connecting to open WiFi networks with your smartphone puts you at risk of having your phone and personal information stolen quite easily.


One weakness seen in businesses at risk for cyber attack is when workers bring in and use unsupported devices to the workplace. Law firms and corporate offices need to take the extra step to ensure all bring-your-own devices are secure, especially if they are connected to the company network.


The best thing that you and your law firm can do to ensure your information is safe, secure, and protected is to anticipate an attack. A plan to prevent a cyber attack includes creating and implementing a cybersecurity program, such as anti-virus software, firewalls, secure connections and requiring passwords for all devices in the office.


The best passwords should avoid names, places and dictionary words. There should be a mixture of capitalizations, spelling, numbers and punctuations. Creating an acronym that relates to your life is a great way to make a customized password. Passwords should also be at least 10 characters or more. Finally, never reuse the same password. If possible, keep your passwords different between your logins. This includes your social media pages, bank login, and work login information.

One easy way that law firms  get hacked is by thinking they are not a target. This is seen mostly in small law firms and solo practices. Many people expect for cyberattacks to go for Big Law firms and corporate offices, but any internet connection is open for a cyber attack and hacking. All law firms of any size must remember they all possess private information from their clients, as well as personal employee information (addresses, social security numbers, bank information, etc). Cyber attacks are a frightening time for any person or business experiencing the event. It is a breach of privacy, and can cause a sense of mistrust between your law firm and clients. Taking the necessary precautions to keep your clients and employees safe now rather than later is better than fixing the problem once it occurs.

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