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Do’s & Don’ts of a Callback

You got called back for a second interview with a law firm! This is great news. You are one step closer to working and building up your career as a lawyer. But don’t get overly confident and lax with the second interview. You still need to maintain professionalism to continue impressing your possible future employer. Here are some tips for what to do and what to avoid during your call back interview:

Always wear a suit/ business attire. Even if the firm insists they allow you to wear casual attire. When it comes to the interviewing process, always go for the business formal look to be on the safe side. Also, make sure to iron, stream, and have your outfit perfectly crisp for the callback interview. You should also still avoid large jewelry and extravagant shoes just as you would in a first interview.

Don’t wear perfume or cologne. Overwhelming your interviewer with prominent scents is not a good look. It can also make your interviewer more uncomfortable & likely to rush through the interview if your scent is overpowering their senses. You want them to remember you; not your favorite perfume/cologne.

Ask good questions. This is a great time to learn more about the law firm, their practice, and the law firm’s culture. Ask as many questions as you can think of to get a good feel of the law firm.  You can save questions about retirement, salary, and travel for later on because they will most likely tell you during the hiring process.

In addition, be nice to everyone you interact with at the law firm. These individuals might be your future coworkers, so it’s important to be nice and respectful to them also. This includes the receptionist! She can even put in a good word for you after you leave.

Always send a thank you note, even if you sent a thank you note from your first interview. It doesn’t have to be a hand written, stationery note. A quick, brief email will suffice. Also, it’s beneficial to add in something you had discussed in the interview in the thank you note as a way to show the interviewer you were attentive and thoughtful. As a lawyer, being able to pay attention to details and recall them is important, and will show the interviewer you have these skills. Plus, it show you were paying attention to them as they spoke.

On the other hand, if you are given an offer or a callback but decide to decline, it’s important to send an email about your declination. It’s a nice gesture, and you can tell them where you are heading to in your legal career. You never know; you might end up changing your mind in the future and end up working at the law firm you first declined, and they will remember you were a respectful individual by sending them a note/email.
Overall, treat your second (or third) callback just as you would a first interview. Always have confidence in yourself, but be sure to not get too relaxed during the interview process. Maintaining professionalism is key. We wish you luck on your callback! Now go rock the interview!

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