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Etiquette for Your Phone Interview

Interviews can be nerve-wracking, especially when it is for your dream job or a very promising and desired position in a law firm. Phone interviews can cause just as much anxiety as a face-to-face interview. Since you are not seeing the person conducting the interview, there is room for mistakes to happen mostly because many people feel more comfortable talking on the phone than talking in person. Here are some rules to remember when you have to do a phone interview that will help you get the job:

Instead of wearing pajamas or casual clothes, wear something professional. How you look, even in the house, can change your entire demeanor, the way you feel about yourself, and how you will interact on the phone. Casual clothes and pajamas may make you feel too comfortable, and the answers to the interview questions may not come out as professional and knowledgeable. Putting on a suit can instantly change your behavior, even if there is no one around looking at you.

Also, sit up straight; you will feel more confident when you are answering the questions. Body language on the phone and in person can affect how you feel about yourself and a situation.

Put all electronic devices away from you. People have the habit being on their laptop or iPad while talking on the phone. Avoid doing this. It is not possible to pay full attention to the person on the phone if you are also putting your attention on something else. In addition, do your research on the firm so you won’t feel the need to look up the information while being interviewed.

Avoid trying to multitask. The best option for a phone interview is to sit in a quiet room. Trying to walk around the house and clean while on an interview is not helpful, and neither is organizing papers at your desk during an interview.

A small tip to add in is to turn off the call waiting option on your phone. The beeping noise that comes through on your phone can be distracting, and can make you lose your focus while he or she is talking or while you may be answering a tough question.

Keep a notepad and pen nearby to write down questions you want to ask, and note anything important you may hear during the interview. Since you can’t see how the interviewer’s body language or facial expressions, make note of comments he or she says about the interview, and review them afterwards. You might get some insight on how the interviewer feels about your answers.

In the end, make sure you follow up after the phone interview. Use the notepad that is near you to jot down the interviewer’s email address if you don’t already have it, and send out a thank you note soon after the interview is over. Overall, treat a phone interview in the same manner that you would a face-to-face interview. A phone interview can be your key into the next round of interviews, so take it very seriously. Make sure you are prepared, well rested and calm; interviewers are able to pick up on if you haven’t researched their firm, if you are tired, and if you are very nervous. In the end, simply, be prepared and believe in yourself.

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