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Fordham Law Opens Fashion Degree

Fashion lawsuits are on the rise. Within the past few months, we have seen fashion brands like Nike, Isabel Marant and Sophia Amoruso in courts battling copyright claims and other legal issues. It seems as if the legal industry is receiving more clients from the fashion world than ever.

Fashion Law Institute

To increase the number of attorneys that can assist fashion clients, Fordham University of Law is going to be among one of the first institutions to formally offer and recognize the fashion world’s distinct legal issues by offering two separate degrees for fashion law. The first degree offered will be a Master of Law in Fashion (L.L.M); this is geared toward law students who want to focus on the fashion industry. The university will also offer a Master of Studies in Law for non-lawyers who work in fashion, and want to gain a legal understanding of the field.

Just like business experts, becoming legal savvy is extremely important in order to build a fashion empire, especially around intellectual property & trademark laws. Upcoming designers are more likely to run the risk of being confronted with a legal problem, and will need advice for how to fix the problem without harming their reputation, or right to their brand.

In addition, the Master of Law in Fashion program will open the door for designers to learn the legalities that come along with being in the fashion industry. The program is geared toward making sure designers understand the in’s and out’s of intellectual property to make sure they don’t have anything stolen and protected. It gives them the opportunity to properly protect their dreams with more legal understanding.

Applications are being accepted to the Fordham Fashion Law Institute. The program can take one year to be completed to multiple semesters if they choose to go to school part-time. Tuition costs are roughly $53,000 a year. The good news is that careers in fashion law are promising and growing in number, so this program is a good investment for a career in fashion.  

With the help of Fordham Law School, both lawyers and nonlawyers will have the chance to learn about fashion legalities. Becoming legally literate not only helps the attorneys, but the clients as well in the long run.

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