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German Law Group’s Interesting Ad

Advertising is a large part of keeping a business afloat. This is true for all businesses, including law firms. Finding new ways to reach potential clients is an ever-changing challenge for law firms. They must keep up with what is trending when it comes to client outreach. A group of lawyers from the German Bar Association found a great way to reel in new clients.

A man named Martin G., user name Der Juli, released a video on YouTube titled “Fur Laura”. The video goes on to talk about his 12-year relationship with a woman named Laura that is now ending in divorce. As the video proceeds, he then speaks about how he believes Laura deserves half of the things they had acquired together over the years.

And by half, he literally meant half. The video proceeds to show a man cutting a television, a car, a bed, even an iPhone in half. He then proceeds to sell the split merchandise on eBay. The news about the harsh breakup spread on the internet and attracted a lot of attention. Little did the public know that this was all a viral marketing technique used by German Lawyers, a consumer-law portal of the German Bar Association.

The organization stated their motive was to attract more people to German law firms should they need a divorce attorney or legal protection for cutting possessions in half. The German Lawyers organization also mentioned that they rarely reach a vast amount of people with traditional advertising, such as bus ads and commercials. They decided to use a more “entertaining” approach to advertising, and it definitely worked.

In the end, the German Lawyers organization became a viral hit. The items on Ebay were eventually sold to the highest bidders, along with German Bar Association’s information. Although this method of advertising is not the traditional way attorneys and lawyer associations get their name out into the public, it definitely worked for them. What are interesting ways you’ve seen lawyers and legal communities use advertising? What would you suggest to other attorneys to help get their name out into the public eye?

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