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Getting Help from a Legal Recruiter

Legal recruiter’s can make a huge difference in your next job search

Seeking help and advice from an expert legal recruiter can be a powerful strategy for your search in the legal job market, and getting the most out of your legal recruiter will be beneficial when trying to find the perfect job opportunity. Here are tips that will help you benefit from the experience:

Communicate with your legal recruiter. Make sure you tell your legal recruiter what jobs you have already applied for; double submitting can have a negative outcome with a particular law firm. Interview the recruiter also; Find out what he or she knows about the legal job market, their experience, and knowledge that would be valuable to you.

Let your limitations be known. It is important to tell the recruiter what you are looking for in a job, where you would like to be located, and other details that will make your transition better. They can assist you with advice about relocating if you plan on moving to a new city. Recruiters are there to help you find a great job. It would not be beneficial to you or them if you don’t state your limitations and needs.

Be cautious when using multiple recruiters. This can hinder your job search because you wouldn’t want multiple companies sending duplicate or triplicate copies of your resume to the same law firm. It will look bad on both sides if you plan on using more than one legal recruiter, make sure you tell them to focus on one specific practice area you are interested in.

Never pay for a legal recruiter’s services. Recruiters are paid by the employers, not the candidates. If there is a recruiting firm demanding payments from you, then be wary of this firm because it is not a legitimate source.

A good legal recruiter is able to assist in your job search by sharing his or her knowledge of the law firms, geography, skills, and advice with you. Be sure to take in as much of the experience working with a legal recruiter as you can from interview preparation tips to evaluating and negotiating offers. In the end, talented, reputable legal recruiters will help you find a great job in any way they can.

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