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Great News for Tax Associates

There are many factors that contribute to your overall satisfaction when it comes to your career. This can be altered by your co-workers, commute time, bosses, pay, and even the retirement plan. However, the one factor that affects your job satisfaction the most is related to the subject matter you have to work with every day.

There are many practice areas in the legal world, ranging from fashion law to intellectual property to corporate law. In a recent survey of roughly 17,000 associates in midsize to large firms, it turns out that tax associates were the most satisfied with their careers.

Why are Tax Associates Happier?

Why are they the most content out of the 20 different practice areas surveyed? Tax law is sometimes equated to solving puzzles. It gives attorneys a chance to be creative when it comes to thinking of solutions for their clients. Since tax law can vary from client to client, tax lawyers feel as if they are learning something new every day.

In addition, tax law regulations are always changing to meet the needs of an ever-evolving system. Tax lawyers are also said to have a more regulated workflow with less irregular hours and fewer long days. Finally, tax associates are satisfied with the work they do for new businesses and nonprofits when tax problems occur.

Overall, it seems as if tax associates are more satisfied with their work because of the regularity of their workload and the ability to see the fruits of their labor in a more immediate way. If you enjoy solving puzzles and thinking of creative solutions, tax law might be the right for you.

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