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Harvard Law Isn’t Always No.1

Harvard University is famed worldwide for being a prestigious university, having an abundance of wealth, and its high-powered faculty. It has consistently been ranked in the elite level for its law school. However, a new ranking has Harvard not ranking #1 in one category. asked roughly 10,000 current and former law students to rank their school’s faculty, peers, and alumni networks. From their results, took an average, and ranked law schools of their abilities to help students network.

From the scores, University of Florida’s law school ranked number one with a score of 9.9 out of 10. Following behind UF Law is Yale and Stanford. Surprisingly, Harvard Law came in at number 8, and NYU Law was ranked number 14 out of the 25 top schools for networking.

In fact, Harvard Law School has been beaten by Yale Law School for a number of years. Since 1994, US News & World Report conducts a data survey, and has given Yale Law the number 1 spot year after year. In another survey, the number of graduates who are employed post graduation is higher at Stanford Law School, as well as having better rankings for their student-to-faculty ratio. On the other hand, Harvard Law outranked both Stanford and Yale in median LSAT scores. In the end, Harvard Law has many opportunities to offer its students, but it is not number one in all aspects.

Of course, networking and overall law school experience is only one part of having a successful legal career. Making sure you get the most out of your law school education, as well as finding good study habits for the bar exam will make finding the right path for your career easier. All law schools give their students an abundance of skills and opportunities to grow as future attorneys, and finding the right school that fits your needs is the key to starting a successful legal career.

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