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Lawyer Turned Cat Cafe Owner

Lawyers are notorious for using their degrees in other career fields, from law enforcement to nonprofits to teaching. But not many would think of opening a cat cafe. That’s what Sana Q. Hamelin, along with her friends Kevin Murphy and Stella Min, did.

After graduating third in her class, Sana Q. Hamelin entered the big world of corporate litigation law.  It didn’t take long before she realized she didn’t enjoy the long hours at the office, which took away time from her being with her beloved cats.

Sana found had attended art school before law school, but her true passion had always been for the feline species. After relocating to Denver and leaving the corporate world behind, Sana and her friends decided to open Denver’s first cat cafe, The Denver Cat Company.

The cat cafe idea originated in Japan, and later imported to Taiwan. Patrons purchase a pass to play with the cats (usually an hour), while enjoying beverages and snacks. Many people are not allowed to have pets in their apartments, so the cat cafe is a good way to enjoy having a “pet”, even for a little while.

The Denver Cat Company is said to be a place for both cat and book lovers alike to come together, grab a cup of coffee, appreciate art, all while playing with the furry cafe “workers”. They also offer the cafe during after-hours for book club meeting and “meet-up” groups.

In addition to being a traditional cafe, the Denver Cat Company hopes to become a safe haven for cats in need of care. They will offer in-home and in-cafe cat sitting services, adoption, and temporarily take in cats for patrons who are unable to care for their pet. They will also offer a “kitten zone” where the babies can have play dates.

From corporate litigation lawyer to Denver’s first cat cafe owner, Sana was able to fulfill her passion as well as help the lives of many cats and kittens in the Denver area.

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