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Mother’s Day Gifts for Lawyer Moms

Mother’s Day is right around the corner. This is a time for your mom, wife, aunt, sister and any other mom to relax and enjoy being around the people she loves the most. For a mom who doubles as a lawyer , being able to unwind can be a well-deserved event for her. If you still need to get a Mother’s Day gift for that special lawyer mom of yours, here are some lawyer-related gifts she might enjoy:

The “Keep Calm” fad is still loved by many. A “I can’t keep calm. I’m a lawyer” iPhone case is a nice gift with a sense of humor for a lawyer mom who is always in “lawyer mode”.

Who doesn’t like jewelry? These Scales of Justice earrings make a cute Mother’s Day gift for the mom who can never have enough accessories.

A “Dine-ink cutlery” set might be the right gift for a mom who works long, hard hours at the office. Just attach the fork, knife or spoon to the end of a pen and voila! You have lunch and can keep writing.

The “Do not make me use my lawyer voice” phone case is a perfect gift for a special person who seems to change her tone when speaking about law.

You can also get mom personalized wine glasses. They are perfect for a nice after work drink to relax.

And for the lawyer mom who loves to cook, get her a gavel shaped cookie cutter. It will be a nice surprise for her to bring in gavel cookies to the office with the help of her awesome cookie cutter.

Lawyers need help with technology sometimes to be able to keep up with the many documents they deal with on a day-to-day basis. Try getting an external storage for Mother’s Day. Moms like technology gifts too.

If you want to be creative, make a lawyer mom gift basket full of office supplies. You can put in anything you want that you think she will enjoy. Pens, stationary, lotion, Advil, an iPod, a desk plant, anything you can think of. As an added gift, you can make the gift basket out of a new purse!

If you can’t think of anything you might want to give for Mother’s Day, gift cards are always appreciated. You can get them for bookstores, clothing stores, iTunes, Amazon, Etsy and many other shopping locations.

Moms are very special people, and Mother’s Day is the time to remind them of how important they are in your life. We hope you have a wonderful Mother’s Day with the magnificent moms in your life.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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