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Oklahoma & Its Relationship with the Sky

Oklahoma has a unique relationship with the sky. It stretches over the wide expanse of the American prairie, full of sun, clouds, birds and gentle breezes. The sky is a major contributor to the beauty of the Oklahoma’s flat landscape.  The sky is also dangerous to those who live in the tornado alley. Looking up, a beautiful, blue sky can suddenly turn a hazy, green hue, which never means something good is to come.

Tornadoes are common in Oklahoma and the other states that are within the tornado belt. Since 1950, there has been 3,473 recorded tornadoes, and an average of 55 tornadoes in Oklahoma a year, with April and May being the peak months for tornado activity.

Just like how car horns are a normal noise in New York City or cicadas chirping during the summer months in Georgia, the sound of tornado alert sirens are a normal noise to the people of Oklahoma. When you hear these sirens, heading to a basement, storm shelter, or small, ground-level room is the best place for protection, and covering yourself with a heavy blanket or mattress to avoid flying debris. This is a normal occurrence for the people of Oklahoma, and teaching their children the proper precautions to protect themselves when a storm is coming starts at a young age.

The protection ritual for tornadoes probably saved many lives when the EF3 and EF5 tornadoes pummeled through El Reno and Moore, Oklahoma in May. The lives that were claimed from this deadly storm will not be forgotten by their friends, families and communities. It is the beginning of summer still, and no one knows how many other large storms will  sweep though this part of the America prairie.

RMN Global Search wants to support those who lost homes and loved ones by donating to the Red Cross. For every “Like” we get on our Facebook page, we will donate $1 (up to $1000) to the Red Cross in Oklahoma to help the families and communities rebuild and start anew.

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-The RMN Global Search Team

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