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Personal Professional Website Tips for Job Seekers

The age of technology is upon us. As the world turns toward a more digital way of life, so does the way have started to look and apply for jobs. Even the legal industry is not immune to the new methods of job searching. Lately, young people have turned toward websites and blogs to showcase their resume and professional background. If you are one of the many legal professionals turning to websites or blogs to showcase their backgrounds, here are some tips to make sure you are properly represented online:

Keep your resume updated

It is easy to have your website or blog up and running for some time, and forgetting to go back through and make sure your resume is up to date. This means you should include all current positions, new volunteer work, certificates, and other professional information as current as possible. A good way to make sure you are keeping things updated is to set a calendar reminder to go through every so often to update this information.

Social media is included

If you are an active social media user, you should include links to your pages. This can include your Linkedin, Twitter, blog, or articles you have written online. Sharing your social media pages is a good way for a recruiter to learn more about you and your interests. However, if you do choose to put your social media pages on your website, keep in mind to control all information shared on your pages. Only share social media pages that are specifically set up for professional reasons.

Contact Information

When setting up your professional website, you should utilize your contact page. Include your email address and/or phone number so legal recruiters and law firms can get in contact with you. In addition, if you are planning on putting up a PDF of your resume, we would recommend taking off your address on the resume as a safety precaution.

Keep your blog sharp

Most websites have the option to have a blog link. You can utilize this section of your website to showcase your interests. Maybe you are interested in the evolving world of fashion law or intellectual property. Writing interesting opinion pieces or research you have found is a good way to show off your strong writing skills, which is always valued in the legal field. The trouble with blogs is that they should be updated regularly, and can be difficult to maintain if you are a busy attorney. Once again, be careful what is posted and written on your blog.

Maintaining a personal, professional website is a good way to set you apart from the crowd of other applicants. Legal recruiters and hiring managers can get more of a sense of who you are as a candidate both professionally and personally. If you are thinking of starting a website, hosting sites like weeblywordpress and blogger are a good place to start your online professional presence.

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