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Ridesharing Laws in Atlanta’s Airport

Anyone who has traveled to Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson Airport knows that this airport does not rest. Voted the busiest airport in the world, people from all over are constantly coming and going. However, the manner in which visitors get to the airport has become a concern for Atlanta Police Major Lane Hagins. The airport’s police commander is responsible for cracking down on the use of ridesharing.

 At this time, ridesharing companies like Uber and Lyft are not allowed to pick up clients at the airport, and it is actually illegal. There has been an ongoing battle between ridesharing companies and the Atlanta airport. On the bright side, there is a change coming for those who are avid Uber and Lyft supporters: Governor Nathan Deal signed a law that will regulate ridesharing cars in the same manner as limousines and taxis. As of now, commercial vehicles in the city, like taxis, must be credentialed and receive a permit to do business at the airport. Ridesharing companies have experienced quite a bit of legal backlash since their creation & exponential growth. Recently, the Philippines made Uber cars legal everywhere. They have become the first country to establish ride-hailing regulation laws, which makes it legal for app-based transportation services to better maneuver throughout cities. According to Uber, they have worked with legislation to form a constructive policy for the airport, drivers, and consumers to follow with ease. Until then, travelers within the Atlanta airport must make sure their rides are legal within the airport’s vicinity to avoid travel issues.

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