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Social Media Networking for Legal Professionals

Networking has always been a key component for building professional relationships and finding jobs. With the growth of web-based social media, social networking has become easier. In a recent survey, social media has had such a large impact on the way people network that it is predicted there will be a major change in business and the practice of law over the next five years.

Social Networking Sites

The most popular websites for social networking are FacebookTwitter, and LinkedIn. Although most social media users (almost 90%) are between the ages of 18 to 29, there is also a growing number of older generations using social media platforms more often. Nearly 60% of people between the ages of 50 to 64 who use the internet also use a social network. What does this mean for lawyers?

Businesses who use Twitter tend to have more people purchase or choose their services over businesses who do not use Twitter. They appear more memorable to the people who need the services. They are also more likely to recommend a business’ or firm’s services or product. Twitter also make people feel as if they have a close connection to a company or firm because of the friendly, informal atmosphere of the social media site.

LinkedIn is a great way to meet other professionals in a similar career field or interests. Through LinkedIn, employees of a company can connect their profiles to the company page and interact with other employees who may be in a different city or country. LinkedIn is a great social media platform for solely business and career related interests, and is especially useful for recent graduates.

Importance of Blogs

Blogging is also a way to form familiarity with people. Through blogs or posts on social media sites, followers feel as if they are getting to know a person without being face to face with the individual behind the post. Lawyers and law firms with active and engaging blogs tend to gain more trust from people who follow them.

Social media is the new and innovative way to engage with one another. It has the essence of marketing and socializing with people with similar careers, backgrounds, and interests all in one, and without have to set up a meeting with a person. Social media is a new way to connect along with the traditional social and networking methods. With the way current trends are looking, social media is not going away any time soon, and is becoming increasingly accepted as a method to build relationships and network for people of all ages.

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