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Surviving Law School Exams

Law school exams can be stressful and difficult, and with mid-April upon us, that means exams are coming up soon. As finals approach, it’s important to find a good study strategy to ensure you know the material and are prepared. Cramming may seem like a good idea, but it is a more stress-filled way to study. Here are some suggestions to help you prepare for your law exams to ensure you do well:

Learn to outline effectively. Some people take very extensive notes, which is very good. However, when studying for multiple exams, reading over long, verbose notes can be overwhelming. You don’t need to know every fact to be prepared for an exam. Highlight the most important parts, or rewrite or type your notes over again with just the necessary key points.

Learning how to memorize is helpful also. Many students underestimate the amount of information given during a lecture. Being able to recall the information given is extremely helpful during exam time. Set time aside to review your readings and notes, and even write them over again. Writing is a very effective way to commit something to memory more than simply reading something multiple times.

Take time for yourself during finals. Students sometimes forget to relax, take a shower, or catch up on the news from being overwhelmed with studying. If you are feeling drained, a quick nap can help to make you feel energized again, even if it is for only 15 minutes. Also, taking a nap helps to rest your brain and aids in memory retention.

Another good tip is to eat a healthy meal. At this time, junk food is a quick and easy meal option, but it is not beneficial in the long run. Try eating healthy snacks, such as carrot sticks, nuts, or a fruit smoothie. Also, switch from drinking coffee to green tea; green tea contains caffeine also and plenty of antioxidants. It’s okay to indulge in comfort foods high in fat, but make sure to eat something healthy every day to keep your energy up.

Finally, dont procrastinate. Being prepared is the most important part of taking a law school exam. Procrastination can lead to unwanted stress, which hinders memory. If you happen to have procrastinated on completing something, try to be relaxed and take enough needed time to finish. Make sure to give yourself enough time to finish everything so procrastination is avoided.

Once you are done with one exam, take all thoughts of that test, dispose of them, and think about your upcoming exams and papers. When finals are over, you can then completely relax and prepare for the summer and next school year. In light, when you are done with your law school education and take the bar exam, you probably will not take another exam in your life. So buckle down, study hard, and good luck on your exams!

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