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To Thank You Note or Not to Thank You Note

It’s an age old custom when it comes to the things you do after attending an interview: you are to send the person who interviewed you a thank you note. Is this custom still followed by today’s workforce? How do you construct the perfect thank you note after an interview? There are many pros and cons when it comes to sending a thank you note, and we will delve into the details:

The Pros of a Thank You Note:

Surprisingly, it is said that sending a thank you note after an interview is a very important step when it comes to the whole process. Sending a well thought out and crafted thank you note can add a positive impression on the interviewer. Even though it does not have a large impact on whether or not you will get hired, it will help that person to remember your name in the sea of other potential candidates. If you are not hired at this time, there is a possibility that the hiring manager will keep your name on file and call you later on down the road if another position opens up.

The Cons of a Thank You Note:

On the other hand, some say sending a thank you note does not make a difference in the overall hiring process. It is a polite and nice gesture though. If you have the right credentials for the position, and had a great interview, the interviewer will hire you (or the other person), and will likely not change his or her mind because of a thank you note. Sending a thank you note can also hinder your chances of being hired. This is especially true when it comes to people who are not strong writers, or if you don’t proofread your letter.

Despite the cons listed, it is still said that sending a thank you note is a good idea post-interview. There are some recruiters and hiring managers who say sending a note doesn’t matter to them, but you never know if that person will think highly of those who take the time to write one. While you are in your interview, don’t forget to get the person who is interviewing you to give you a business card so you will have their contact information. It doesn’t hurt to take the time to write out a well-crafted and thoughtful thank you note. It may not help you get the job more, but many people do appreciate the consideration.

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