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Understanding Millennial Lawyers

The legal recruiting process can be long and arduous. Once you fully evaluate a candidate and decided which candidate you & like to bring on board, the ball shifts to their court and it’s on the candidate to decide whether to accept your offer. The traditions of the legal profession used to dictate this process—but a new wave of millennial lawyers has shifted the game.

Understanding Millennial Lawyers

Many grew up with technology and are considered “native speakers” of the digital and mobile language. They grew up during unstable economic times—probably in families where parents worked long hours only to lose their jobs and homes anyway. Many learned what a layoff was too early in their lives. Influenced by technological developments and financial uncertainties this generation less interested in the corner office or employer loyalty.

Being Attractive to Millennial Lawyers

You are going to need mobile-friendly career pages and a strong social media presence. The more up to date you are with technology and the stronger your digital footprint, the better. This means you might have to dust off some of your own habits. This applies outside of the digital world also—mobility is a lifestyle that millennials aspire to. Having grown up in a world with options, many are used to the flexibility to change schools, apartments, and employers; this means that you should evaluate your workplace policies and consider flexible work policies. Many firms have began implementing remote working, flextime, or different career development tracks. Those that have been more progressive and incorporated potential for travel, opportunities to work at client sites, or other community service and pro bono projects found retaining millennial lawyers easier.

Recruiting Tips

1. You want to be clear with the challenges of the job. You also want to see how they handle open ended questions like why they want to work at your firm to determine how thoroughly they may have researched your organization and whether they’re a good fit for your workplace and the types of cases your firm handles.

2. Don’t wait—this is the generation of instant messaging and faster internet service. Extending an offer immediately improves your chances. Delays can be costly because great candidates know they will have other offers. If you can make the offer via phone or verbally, all the better! Let them know via phone before following up with an official letter or email.

3. Grow from within. You can’t just cast bait and hope great candidates come to you, you need to have a positive workplace culture that reinforces why your team is the one to join. The best brand ambassador for your firm or company is your current team—if they are happy to be there, candidates will want to be a part of that team.

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