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Using Temp Work to Build Your Career

Searching for the career of your dreams can sometimes have minor setbacks. Some attorneys take years to get a position in their dream law firm. Because of this, attorneys sometimes choose to take on temporary positions for the time being. Even though this may seem like a setback, there are benefits to working a temporary job.  In addition, working in temporary positions can be a stepping stone for your legal career. Here are tips for how using a temp job can be a benefit to your career:

Choose a job relevant to your career.

There are many practice areas that make up the legal world. Once you know which practice area you want to focus your career on, find temp positions in that field. This job will help you develop and/or sharpen your skills needed for this career path. Once you gain a full-time position in this practice area, you will be happy you had the extra experience to stay up-to-date.

Temp jobs are good for networking.

Even if you plan on not working at this specific law  firm in the future, the people you meet during your work time can be added to your networking circle. Between working, take time to build relationships with colleagues, superiors, and partners,  as well as the others within the office. You never know when these people can eventually help you  achieve

your future career goals.

Before you leave, get a referral.

Once you finish your temp position, ask to get a written referral from your superior. Plan and schedule out your temporary work. If you know the work will be coming to a close at a certain time, be sure to find a time to speak with your superior about writing a referral for you. These will come in handy when looking for new work, both temp and full time.

Temporary work usually has a negative connotation around it, but  it is not as negative as people may think. Besides earning extra income, the experience you gain from the temporary position is always beneficial to your overall legal career. You may learn skills that you can translate and bring with you to your dream career jobs. In the end, temporary positions are not negative experiences,  but rather, they are slowly being looked at as a stepping stone to an attorney’s careers.

For available, temp and full time attorney work in the Atlanta area, feel free to contact the RMN Agency team. We will be happy to assist you.

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