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What a Legal Recruiter Looks for on LinkedIn

It is important for any business (and yes, there is a business to the practice of law) to have an online presence. The most prominent social networking tool for professionals is LinkedIn—which is also a very underutilized tool by lawyers, who seem to only update their profiles when they are in between jobs.

Legal recruiters are constantly looking for talent to fill new roles. Platforms like LinkedIn are a standard source of potential talent. It is important, therefore, for attorneys make sure their profiles are “recruiter friendly” and give the recruiters what they are looking for.


Your network and connections summarize your relevance in the legal market and how well connected you are in your sector or industry. Are your contacts all in Seattle when you are trying to establish yourself in Atlanta? Who do you know that might be able to vouch for you?

Invest some time ensuring that past colleagues, business contacts, and key industry people are connected with you and maintain those connections relevant to your practice.


This is the universal “tell me about yourself” that is often the starting point of an interview. Make sure you describe your current role, practice area, and what you are looking for. This pops up on
your LinkedIn profile first, so key experiences that attract recruiters will convert their interest into clicking for more information in your profile.

Experience and Skills

What roles and types of companies or law firms have you worked with? Does your listed skills match your work experience? Is there enough information presented that conveys a clear narrative linking you to a legal role they have in mind to fill? Make sure that these areas of your LinkedIn profile are well written and accurate. Remember that this is a public profile, and you
never know who will be looking.

Luck happens when preparation meets opportunity—make sure your profile is well prepared when the right opportunity is trying to connect with you.

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