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Why Employers Need Recruiters

A legal recruiter has a unique relationship with law firms (because while they may be able to place attorneys in firms, they can also help other firms poach talented attorneys away). This may make working with a legal recruiter seems like playing with a double-edged sword—but I am here to assure you that it certainly is not the case.

Experienced legal recruiters know that their success depends on the relationships they form with firms, and would not jeopardize a positive relationship. Additionally, they know what they are doing and can add tremendous value by bringing in the right candidates for the job that needs to be done, helping you to avoid critical hiring mistakes. A professional recruiter can save your firm a lot of money, time, and energy so that you could focus on your clients.

Here are just a few reasons why working with a professional recruiter to hire your next candidate is a good idea:

Experienced recruiters help you attract qualified lawyers to add even more value to your team.

Great recruiters make sure they bring your team the best candidates by using the benefit of prior legal experience in the field. They can provide an accurate assessment of the different candidates for your field of work. Recruiters understanding the extensive vetting process and bite right into the good, bad, and ugly to find the best fit for all parties to ensure the highest compliment of skill, experience, and cultural fit.

Experienced recruiters have access to multiple channels and can advise on all aspects of the placement process.

Going about the recruitment process on your own might send unintended signals to your competitors, and may potentially offend your current team who may feel as if they are being overlooked. A great recruiter is able to access those channels to bypass internal and external forces that may complicate your recruiting efforts. Their experience enables them to reframe parts of the hiring process that can be a drain on your firm’s resources and energy. In addition, a great recruiter facilitates a mutually beneficial arrangement, minimizing roadblocks or office politics that may arise.

Experienced recruiters know that time is money.

A great legal recruiter knows the season of hiring and placement. This is a process that takes time. The fees associated with working with a great recruiter is much less than the considerable amount of hours siphoned away from serving your clients. Just as you would send your best prepared attorney to resolve a particular issue, great recruiters are best prepared to leverage connections and scan their channels to efficiently source quality talent. Great recruiters can also tailor their search to weed out candidates that might waste the firm’s time, and give the necessary “reality check” to help candidates (or employers) realize a great arrangement when it presents itself.

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