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Workout with your Clients

When thinking of how to impress and get to know your client, most people thinking of taking them to a nice restaurant, having drinks and socializing with one another. But over time, those drinks and high calorie meals can take a toll on your health. This is why a number of people are starting to take their clients to workout with them at a gym rather than a fancy dinner.

Erika Walder, a television show developer, decided that, instead of taking her clients to lunches and spa days, that she would take them to Mendez boxing gym in the Flatiron District of New York City. She states, “When you’re dripping sweat and the trainer’s yelling, ‘Just five more sit-ups,’ it breaks a barrier. It shows a different side of you; that you’re willing to do anything.”

This combination of networking and working out is now called “sweat working”, and is a hit among health conscious professionals who are looking to interact with their colleagues and clients in a new way. The author of “Never Eat Alone”, Keith Ferrazzi, says taking clients to workout is ideal if you are trying to close a deal or winning accounts. Workouts cause people to become vulnerable and more intimate. Intimacy leads to trust. You are also more intimate because your cell phone is not in close range, causing more conversation with one another. In addition, most people are not taking business calls at early morning hours.

Spinning classes are the most popular among sweat-workers because they provide a low-barrier adrenaline rush in comparison to kickboxing. They are simple and easy to follow, so even the most novice health person can follow along and go at their own speed if needed.

Sweat working raises a new etiquette standard, which is: how should you dress? A modest look is always best. Bringing out mesh shorts and shirts that show off too much skin can damper your interaction with the client. Solid, black leggings are always suitable for women.

Sweat working is not for everyone. Before inviting a client to an exercise session, it is important to ask if they are comfortable with the class, and maybe find alternatives, such as yoga, swimming, or tai chi, if they are not. Overall, sweat working is a new way to interact with others in a new, innovative way that promotes bonding and a healthy lifestyle.  

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